Data User Personas

MORPC’s Data & Mapping team created seven user personas that represent real groups of data users in Central Ohio. We know from our Central Ohio data user research that different users use data in different ways to get the answers they need. These personas serve as guides in how we think, communicate, and design when we’re deciding how best to deliver data to our members, partners, and the public.

White Paper — Identifying Central Ohio Data User Audiences

Combined User_Persona Profiles

Savvy Sonja

Has watched every episode of Parks and Recreation.3 times.

Planner for a mid-sized city government. Analyzes data to find answers to questions and share information with stakeholders.

Full Savvy Sonja Persona

Manager Marco

Soccer dad. Spends weekends coaching his kids’ teams.

Administrator for a township. Uses data to share information and understand practical issues.

Full Manager Marco Persona


Engaged Elaine

World Traveler. Can handle much spicier food than you.

Retiree, neighborhood advocate, watershed protection group board member. Seeks to engage in participatory analysis about areas of expertise.

Full Engaged Elaine Persona


Decisive Delaney

Has two Dachshunds named Oscar Mayer and Nathan.

Elected village council member. Looks for accessible data to inform decisions and communicate with residents.

Full Decisive Delaney Persona


Hopeful Hadiya

Debate champion. Can and will beat your argument.

Affordable housing nonprofit employee. Wants to understand and communicate housing needs, and demonstrate program impacts.

Full Hopeful Hadiya Persona


Specialist Samir

Biggest. Movie nerd. Ever.

Project manager for a planning and engineering consulting firm. Needs project-specific data to meet contracted goals and regulatory requirements.

Full Specialist Samir Persna


Coding Corey

*Self-proclaimed and unapologetic

Civic tech enthusiast. Wants to make cool solutions to real community problems with any and all data they can get their hands on.

Full Coding Corey Persona


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