Smart Region

A smart region is one that embraces and takes action on smart infrastructure investments for the technological age. Through our Smart Region resources, Central Ohio is better prepared for its future.

The following deliverables were developed by the Smart Region Task Force. The task force served as an ad-hoc committee to prepare Central Ohio communities for smart infrastructure investments by developing a shared vision for a “smart region.”

Th Smart Regional Task Force worked for nearly a three-year period to examine the potential benefits and unintended consequences of smart infrastructure investments. It is also worked to generate regional policies and guidelines that will lead to the creation of a smart region.

Smart Streets Policy

The purpose of the Smart Streets Policy is to ensure public investments in mobility are planned, selected, scoped, designed, constructed, and maintained in a manner that advances a Smart Region. To promote the acceptance and practice of Smart Streets, MORPC recommends that local jurisdictions and the state of Ohio develop and adopt Smart Streets policies to meet their needs and are compatible with this regional policy.

Smart Streets Policy (PDF)

MORPC’s Smart Region Playbook

The Smart Region Playbook sets forth a shared definition and vision of a “smart region” and a set of goals and recommendations to make progress toward achieving that vision. The playbook guides MORPC, local governments, and other stakeholders in executing the mission and vision of a Smart Region. It serves as a robust guideline for MORPC’s own work and recommends policies, strategies and actions to be considered for incorporation into MORPC’s existing and future efforts, allowing the recommendations to permeate the agency’s work.

Smart Region Playbook (PDF)

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