Tuesday, August 26, 2014
9AM - 12PM
Pork-Q-Pine Farms/Price Farm Organics
4838 Warrensburg Road
Delaware, OH 43015

Stratford Ecological Center
3083 Liberty Road
Delaware, OH 43015

Please join MORPC on a tour of two environmentally friendly working farms that are great, innovative models for sharing methods and ideas in fast-developing Delaware County. The tour will begin at Pork-Q-Pine Farms/Price Farm Organics and end at Stratford Ecological Center. Please RSVP to Amanda McEldowney at amceldowney@morpc.org or 614.233.4112.

More on Pork-Q-Pine Farms/Price Farm Organics:

  • Tom Price and his family raise hogs and dairy heifers at Pork-Q-Pine Farms on 350 acres near Delaware. To avoid using liquid manure on his fields along the Scioto River and near a growing number of non-farm neighbors, he began composing hog manure 20 years ago, using recycled paper and cardboard from those neighbors as bedding for the livestock. Price Farm Organics now composts paper, cardboard, food waste and trash from OSU football games, and manure from farms and the Columbus Zoo.

  • A longtime practitioner of sustainable rotational grazing, Price fences his livestock away from waterways and has grass buffers to keep farm runoff out of the Scioto. He also has created a nature preserve to educate people about the importance of protecting rivers and streams.

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More on Stratford Ecological Center: 

  • Jeff Dickinson is manager of Stratford Ecological Center, which has a primary mission of educating children and adults abut nature, agriculture, and food, but also is a working organic farm with products for sale at markets and through a CSA. In addition, the center is a site for agroeconomic research and had a long affiliation with Innovative Farmers of Ohio.

  • The site includes 95 acres of forest preserve (with 4.5 miles of hiking trails) protected by an ODNR conservation easement, and 130 acres of farmland protected by an agricultural conservation easement through the Ohio Department of Agriculture.  As director and farm manager, Dickinson oversees a greenhouse, vegetable production, grain and hay fields, and small herds of cattle, hogs and other livestock.

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