Regional Crash Fact Sheet

NOVEMBER 3, 2014

As the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization for the region, MORPC conducts regional transportation studies covering Franklin County, Delaware County and portions of Licking and Fairfield counties. In this role MORPC coordinates with ODOT and other partners to make the transportation system safer for all users.

Each year MORPC collects and analyzes crash data for Regional Crash Fact Sheets. The fact sheets cover a variety of crash types and related information on fatal crashes, serious crashes, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, truck drivers, public transit, rear-end and work zone crashes, and driver behavior trends. The 2009-2013 fact sheet is now available online.

Since 2005 MORPC has prepared the fact sheets in order to better understand crash trends in the region. The majority of crash data represented within these fact sheets is received from standardized police reports generated each time a traffic crash occurs and law enforcement responds. The information provides a comprehensive picture of transportation safety within the Central Ohio region, and insight into opportunities for further reducing serious injuries and fatalities.

In September MORPC released its Top 40 Regional High-Crash Intersections list for the years 2011-2013. The top 40 intersections are ranked based on a formula that considers number of crashes, traffic volume and severity.

“Understanding where traffic crashes occur is an important first step in improving the safety on our roadways,” says Kerstin Carr, MORPC Director of Planning & Environment. “We are working closely with our members and the Ohio Department of Transportation to identify engineering, education, and enforcement strategies that can help reduce injuries and deaths resulting from traffic crashes.”

For more information, visit MORPC's Crash Data page.