Regional Energy Action Plan

JULY 14, 2014

MORPC and the National Association of Regional Councils (NARC) have released the first-of-its-kind Regional Energy Action Plan. Made possible through support by The Energy Foundation, the Regional Energy Action Plan provides an assessment of the economic, social, and policy realities related to the development and use of energy throughout the 12-county Columbus, Ohio region. The plan also identifies recommendations that may lead to a more prosperous regional economy and enriched environment.

Energy is key to the economic growth and success of the Columbus region, which is the country’s second-fastest growing, large metro in the US with more than 675,000 people and 625,000 jobs added. The changes in federal and state policies, rising energy demand and price, and shifts in the traditional mix of energy supplies are impacting the regional level.

To analyze these issues, MORPC, NARC, EWI, and the Colorado Energy Group set out in 2013 to assess the state of energy in the Columbus region and to develop a set of recommendations for the region’s future. The final step in 2014 was a peer review by a diverse set of regional experts in local and state policy, economic and workforce development, utility regulation, energy and resilience, and alternative energy. The result is a robust plan with findings that provide a strategic focus for regional investments in the balanced use and production of energy that is more reliable, cleaner and creates jobs.

For MORPC, the next phase of the effort is to gain consensus with its local government members and key stakeholders on prioritizing recommendations and implementing actions within a regional energy roadmap.

“In these times with changing and uncertain federal and state policies on energy, regions need tools and resources like the Regional Energy Action Plan,” said MORPC Board Chair Eric Phillips, Economic Development Director of the City of Marysville and Union County, OH. “Energy is key to the economic growth and success of the Columbus region and this innovative plan will allow our local communities to be able to chart their own path and MORPC looks forward to assisting them along the way.”

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