Funds Available for Local Infrastructure Improvement Projects

July 27, 2016

Does your neighborhood need basic infrastructure improvements or funds? If so, your community may be eligible for an infrastructure project grant.  

The Ohio Public Works Commission will allocate approximately $26 million in loans and grants for District 3/Franklin County projects through the Ohio Public Works Commission’s State Capital Improvements Program (SCIP) and the Local Transportation Improvements Program (LTIP). These programs provide financial assistance to local communities for the improvement of their basic infrastructure systems. Eligible projects include improvements to roads, bridges, culverts, water supply systems, wastewater systems, storm water collection systems, and solid waste disposal facilities.

Last year, the city of Westerville received $3.35 million in LTIP funding to construct the Cleveland Avenue and Schrock Road improvement project. The city leveraged $8.7 million in ODOT funding and contributed $1.7 million in local revenue towards the $14 million improvement.

“This was an important safety improvement project for us,” said Jeff Kessler, the Westerville Project Manager.  “We added a northbound lane that extends to St. Ann’s hospital and safety features were further emphasized with the addition of sidewalks, a multi-use path, and five foot bike lanes.”

MORPC staff process and review project grant and loan requests for District 3 of the Ohio Public Works Commission. After evaluating and scoring the projects, MORPC staff create a list of high priority projects that are submitted to the Ohio Public Works Commission. Final project approval is given by the Ohio Public Works Commission.

County, city, village, township and other infrastructure districts located in Franklin County who are interested in applying for funding can contact Wilma Yoder at 614-233-4175 or  for assistance.

Completed applications and Capital Improvement Reports are due Monday, September 12, 2016 by 5:00 p.m. for all applicants in District 3.