MORPC Announces Top 100 High Crash Intersections

Aug. 30, 2017

No one should ever leave their home and not be able to return due to a crash. Unfortunately we know this isn’t the case.  521 people lost their lives due to crashes in the last five years (2012-2016), 125 of which occurred in last year (2016) alone. Understanding where traffic crashes occur is a critical first step in enhancing the safety of roadways in Central Ohio.

In order to improve crash prone areas, the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) has released its 2014-2016 Top 100 Regional High-Crash Intersections list. MORPC has provided the list since 2005 and has been dedicated to providing stakeholders with timely resources and information that can help reduce the frequency and severity of crashes occurring in the region. 

“We, as well as our local and state partners take safety very seriously and it is our goal that no one is killed or hurt while navigating the region’s transportation system.  This list is meant to be one tool in accomplishing that goal," said Jordan Whisler, a Principal Planner at MORPC. “These annual high-crash location lists allow us to monitor where crashes occur the most often and where people get hurt, so we can work better identify engineering, educational, and enforcement measures that help reduce these crashes."

The top 100 intersections are ranked based on a formula that consider the number of crashes, traffic volume, and severity of the crash.  The top ten intersections include:

  1. E Livingston Avenue @ Hamilton Road/SR 317
  2. Broad Street/SR 16 @ James Road
  3. Cleveland Avenue @ Innis Road
  4. Karl Road @ Morse Road
  5. Broad Street/SR 16 @ Lancaster Avenue/Reynoldsburg New Albany Road
  6. Cleveland Avenue @ Dublin Granville Road/SR 161
  7. E Dublin Granville Road/SR 161 @ Karl Road
  8. Morse Road @ Westerville Road/SR 3
  9. E Livingston Avenue/US 33 @ Alum Creek Drive
  10. Cleveland Ave/SR 3 @ E Hudson Street

To view the entire list of high crash intersections as well as additional lists by community and mode, please visit