MORPC Submits Priority Road Projects to TRAC

November 2, 2016

MORPC recently submitted to Ohio's Transportation Review Advisory Council its members’ recommended prioritization for four project funding requests within the MORPC transportation planning area.

Ohio’s Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC) is a nine-member advisory council chaired by ODOT Director Jerry Wray. TRAC approves funding for the development and construction of the Major New Capacity Program. This includes projects that are more than $12 million in cost and increase capacity and/or reduce congestion. Applying projects must also demonstrate a significant impact on jobs, with extra consideration granted to projects that have strong (30 percent or higher) non-ODOT funding commitments. 

As part of the project selection process, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) requests that metropolitan planning organizations like MORPC provide local input by prioritizing the project applications that fall within their respective transportation planning organization (MPO) areas.

 The recommended projects found within Franklin, Delaware and Union counties include: 

  • Priority No. 1: Far East Freeway ($7 million for detailed design)
  • Priority No. 2: Delaware Point Project ($1.5 million for detailed design)
  • Priority No. 3: SR 161/US 33/Post Road Interchange ($20.68 million for construction)
  • Priority No. 4: I-71/US 36/SR 37 Interchange ($10 million for construction) 

“It’s important to us that our projects are beneficial for the region,” said Thea Walsh, MORPC Transportation Systems & Funding Director. “We also want the project priorities we provide to ODOT to reflect public input from our local residents, as well as that of our public and private stakeholders.” 

To determine the priorities in MORPC’s area, staff evaluated the projects using the 2016-2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) goals and objectives and the MTP key elements evaluation criteria. Additionally, a public comment period was held August 11 to September 16 for residents to share the advantages and disadvantages of a particular project. 

The Transportation Review Advisory Council will release the 2016 TRAC draft projects list in December, and it is expected to approve the final projects list in January 2017. More information on TRAC and MORPC’s submitted projects can be found here.