NARC Elects Murdock as Chair of Executive Directors Council

June 21, 2017

William Murdock, the Executive Director of the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC), was elected chair of The National Association of Regional Councils’ (NARC) Executive Directors Council (EDC) and vice president of NARC for 2017-2018.

For over 50 years, NARC has served as a national voice for a regional approach to meeting local challenges. NARC members work collaboratively in their communities to address the needs of their residents and promote a regional approach to planning for the future.

The EDC is comprised of executive directors from regional planning organizations from across the country. The EDC advises on the changing dynamics in the federal, state and local government landscape relations and legislation, and the diverse challenges regions face and unique opportunities they offer.

“I’m honored to lead the NARC Executive Directors Council for the next year,” Murdock said. “Just as Central Ohio benefits from local governments coming together at MORPC to collaborate and plan for our region's future, NARC represents regional councils from across the country who come together to advocate for better tools and resources, share best practices, and develop new ways to improve our economy, environment, and quality of life. Working closely with regional leaders and the expert resources at NARC helps improve the work of our MORPC team in Central Ohio."

NARC elected its 2017-2018 leadership in June at its 51st Annual Conference and Exhibition in Monterey, California.

Murdock succeeds Green River Area Development District Executive Director Jiten Shah as chair of the EDC and vice president of NARC.