Water Resources Working Group

The Water Resources Working Group envisions clean, abundant, healthy, and protected water resources for all in the Central Ohio region and seeks to improve and protect water quality and conserve water resources through education, policies, and regional planning and collaboration.

The Water Resources Working Group is comprised of a diverse set of stakeholders, including representatives from Central Ohio communities, environmental groups, and water resources-related organizations. The group is guided by the 2016-2020 Action Plan, and three subcommittees have been formed to help reach the goals of the plan.


Water Resources Working Group Members
  • Co-Chair: Glenn Marzluf – General Manager & CEO, Del-Co Water Company, Inc.
  • Co-Chair: Jennifer Fish – Director, Franklin County Soil and Water Conservation District


Chair, Kristen Atha – AECOM


Sustaining Scioto

Chair, Mike Andrako – Marysville
Co-Chair, Mark McCabe – Gresham Smith & Partners


Central Ohio Blueways

For more information, contact Rachael Beeman at 614.233.4123.

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