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Metropolitan Transportation Plan
News   |   Mar 16, 2018
MORPC Begins Work on Its Next Metropolitan Transportation Plan

Communities Seek Funding for Transportation Projects

May 7, 2018

Because of MORPC’s role in allocating federal transportation dollars, local communities and agencies may soon apply to help fund projects up through the year 2025. Meanwhile, residents are encouraged to speak with their local government officials on what projects they would like to see move forward.

MORPC is the federally designated metropolitan planning organization (MPO) for the Columbus urbanized area, which includes Delaware and Franklin counties; Bloom and Violet townships in Fairfield County; New Albany, Pataskala and Etna Township in Licking County; and Jerome Township in Union County.

As an MPO, a portion of federal transportation funding is allocated at MORPC’s discretion to transportation related projects within the MPO boundary. The application and selection process for MORPC-attributable funds occur every two years.

MORPC works closely with local agencies to prioritize the use of these funds to meet their needs and those of the entire region. The funding can be used for roads and bridges, public transit, bikeways, sidewalks, and a variety of other activities.

Because of the time commitment to plan, study and design these projects, most MORPC-attributable funding over the next four years is already dedicated to projects through previous cycles. $30-40 million is expected to be available for new projects that are ready for construction in 2024 and 2025.

Local government officials who would like to learn more about how to apply for the funds can attend MORPC’s Attributable Funds Workshop from 2:30-4 p.m. on May 14 at MORPC.

The screening applications from local governments for new funding requests are due June 11, with final applications due August 13.

For more information, please contact Nathaniel Vogt at 614.233.4183.

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