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MORPC Laying Out Its Public Policy Priorities for Next Two Years

    August 27, 2018

    With 2019 bringing a new governor as well as renewed legislative cycles at both the state and federal levels, the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) has started to formulate its public policy priorities for the next two years.

    The Public Policy Agenda Working Group began meeting earlier this summer to discuss the formation of MORPC’s 2019-2020 Public Policy Agenda. The working group is comprised of representatives from MORPC-member communities and other regional stakeholders.

    To accomplish the goals listed in the agenda, MORPC’s public policy work is guided throughout the year by the Regional Policy Roundtable. The roundtable’s vice chair, Plain Township Administrator Ben Collins, is leading the working group.

    “We want to make sure we leave no stone unturned while creating the new policy agenda. Therefore, we have already gone back to review the language in MORPC’s current policy agenda, as well discussed the policy environment we can expect to see at the Statehouse and in Washington over the next two years. I’m confident we’ll end up with a very comprehensive agenda that includes how to proceed on many of Central Ohio’s most pressing policy issues.”
    Plain Township Administrator Ben Collins, Policy Agenda Working Group Chair

    Communities in Central Ohio know the importance of having an organization like MORPC to stand up for them and advocate on their behalf at the state and federal levels.  After all, laws and regulations have a significant impact on the ability of local governments to serve their residents.

    “In the past two years, MORPC has advocated on transportation funding, energy efficiency, economic development incentives, environmental issues, and transportation safety — all while balancing the interests of a diverse region. Our new policy agenda will highlight the issues most important to the region as we visit with legislators and other officials in the near future.”
    MORPC Public & Government Affairs Director Terri Flora

    The 2019-2020 Public Policy Agenda Working Group will continue to work in consultation with the Regional Policy Roundtable over the next two to three months, with the policy agenda set to be reviewed and approved by the commission board before the end of the year.

    For more information, contact Joe Garrity at 614.233.4127.

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