Together, the communities of Central Ohio can take pride in everything they have accomplished over the past 40 years:

  • Our region grew by more than 675,000 people; that’s enough to fill Ohio Stadium more than six times.
  • We built more than 400,000 housing units; that’s equivalent to more than one new housing unit every hour for 40 years.
  • Together, we were able to create over 625,000 jobs; that’s enough to employ the entire population of Vermont.

Over the next 40 years, Central Ohio, like many other regions and states, will be experiencing dramatic changes related to demographics and lifestyles. These changes will affect the future success of our communities.

  • Current projections add around 500,000 people to the region by 2050; that’s more than the populations of the cities of Cincinnati and Dayton combined.
  • Today we have about 6 working age adults for every senior; that will decrease to less than 4 per senior by 2050.
  • The region will be more diverse; racial and ethnic minorities are expected to account for nearly all of our region’s growth by 2050.
  • Increasing evidence suggests that a region’s ability to compete economically will depend more and more upon its ability to attract and retain young talent.

These trends raise important questions about the vitality and competitiveness of our communities and region:

  • What types of places will attract the skilled labor forces our businesses require?
  • Are today’s land use plans and development regulations aligned with the goal of attracting residents and businesses, helping communities to remain competitive and improve their tax bases?
  • Are private developers able to respond to these emerging market trends?

insight2050 will explore these trends and questions and provide objective data and tools to evaluate growth in Central Ohio.