car2go offers an innovative mobility solution in rapidly growing urban areas via a carsharing network of eco-friendly smart fortwo vehicles around the world. A flexible and "on demand" mode of transportation, car2go complements existing public transportation by bridging the gaps between the "first and last mile" of a member's commute. Today, car2go's global operation is the largest, fastest-growing carsharing program in the world. In Columbus, car2go is an important part of the evolving mobility landscape, with 200 vehicles shared by more than 23,000 local residents. Having a car is the most convenient way to get around, but car2go wants to change the way we think about car ownership by proving a flexible transport solution. Leave the hassle of dealing with insurance, filling up gas, doing the oil and tire change to car2go and simply worry about where you want to go next.

CoGo is Columbus’ bike transit system operated by Motivate International. CoGo provides residents and visitors convenient access to bicycles on-demand at 41 stations locations in the downtown Columbus area. CoGo serves as both transportation and a recreational amenity offering its customers convenient, fun and affordable transit rentals. Since launching in late July 2013, riders have taken more than 116,000 trips riding over 322,000 miles, collectively burning over 13 million calories and offsetting 219,000 pounds of carbon. For more information and/or assistance, please contact us at customerservice@cogobikeshare.com or 1-855-877-COGO (2646).


The Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) is the regional public transit provider for greater Columbus and Central Ohio. We’re committed to excellence, whether we’re serving our customers, employees or taxpayers. We deliver quality transportation services and conduct business courteously, safely, ethically and reliably. And we demonstrate leadership that’s fiscally responsible and environmentally conscientious. Because at the Central Ohio Transit Authority, while we move people—over 19 million trips a year—it’s really people that move us. For more information about COTA, visit COTA.com or call (614) 228-1776.

It is RideSolutions’ mission to promote quality transportation alternatives to the Single Occupant Vehicle (SOV) with the goal of reducing congestion in the region and improving the Air Quality. RideSolutions performs two core services for Central Ohio commuters, which include free Carpool/Vanpool matching  and the administration of the Emergency Ride Home (ERH) benefit, which reimburses cab fare to Central Ohio commuters who use alternative transportation to commute to work but must get home quickly in the event of an emergency or unexpected overtime. By partnering with other transportation service providers for the Commuter Challenge, RideSolutions aims to encourage Central Ohio commuters to try all kinds of alternative transportation options, with the hope that the modal shift will last beyond the month of June!