MORPC recognizes the region’s opportunity in this arena and is using the F-TIP to elevate the importance of goods movement to Central Ohio. The F-TIP attempts to highlight those provisions into our planning process and program development to illustrate that our planning processes provide assistance to these stakeholders that are vital to our economic success. This elevation will ensure that Central Ohio does not become a victim of its economic development successes, and that the freight community is adequately addressed from a regional improvements and funding allocation perspective. Global and national freight logistics companies rely on the planning studies that MPOs conduct, and the infrastructure local agencies build, to continue their business in and around the region.

While it is recognized that many projects in the TIP will have a positive impact on freight movement (particularly those which are regional in scope or which occur on the National Highway System), the identified projects are those which portend the greatest benefits for freight movement.

The identified projects have a direct, significant, and positive association with the flow of goods at intermodal facilities, near manufacturing, office, or commercial locations, or in corridors. The projects improve intermodal connectivity, National Highway System (NHS) connector routes, operating conditions for commercial vehicles, and access to economic activity centers. The benefits of the projects can be expressed in terms of increasing safety, security, and efficiency, spurring economic activity, creating jobs, and protecting the environment and the region's quality of life.

Final SFY 2008-2011 TIP