MORPC’s Regional Thoroughfare Plan is a series of functional classification system maps covering all of Franklin County, Bloom and Violet Townships in Fairfield County, and Etna Township and Pataskala in Licking County. Draft maps for Delaware County will be available when the county's thoroughfare plan update process, a separate, county-administered effort, is complete.

In developing these maps, MORPC tried to be consistent with existing functional classification maps from local communities in the area. Because some of these local maps conflict with each other, and for other reasons, it was not always possible to be fully consistent with the local thoroughfare plans.

The maps are meant to be used as a planning tool and will not be binding on any community unless they choose to adopt all or parts of it. The Franklin County Commissioners are expected to adopt the Franklin County portion to replace the existing Franklin County thoroughfare plan. This would make the plan binding in unincorporated parts of Franklin County. MORPC also will adopt the regional thoroughfare plan when it is completed, and periodically update it to reflect thoroughfare system changes as needed.