The Columbus Regional Airport Authority (CRAA) requested MORPC to undertake the Rickenbacker Area Road Network Assessment study, which CRAA financed. The study looks at alternative future growth scenarios, through the year 2030, and the impact to the roadway system. The study then proposes various roadway improvements that should help address the future traffic needs of the area.

The area around the Rickenbacker International Airport has changed significantly over the last fifteen years. Employment, in the period 2000 to 2005, grew from 21,585 to 27,303. The number of jobs in the area is expected to grow to over 50,000 by the year 2030, or, in a more aggressive growth scenario, to over 86,000 jobs. In addition to warehousing, light manufacturing, and a freight-oriented airport, a new intermodal rail yard will begin operations early in 2008.

Several local governments exercise authority in the immediate Rickenbacker area, including Franklin and Pickaway Counties, the Cities of Columbus and Groveport, the Village of Obetz, Hamilton and Madison Townships in Franklin County, and Harrison and Madison Townships in Pickaway County. This study was an effort to develop an overall assessment of needed transportation improvements in this multi-jurisdictional area that has no overall plan.

It is hoped that the local jurisdictions will use the Rickenbacker Area Road Network Assessment as a guide in the development of new community plans or in the update of existing ones.

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