MORPC provides a public involvement process that utilizes three levels of participation. The three-level continuous process includes Transportation and Community Advisory Committees, special project committees, and general outreach and information dissemination. This process provides the public an option in both the level and degree of participation.

The Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) and the MPO Policy Committee are composed largely of public officials, many of which are elected. The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is comprised of volunteer citizens from throughout the planning area. These committees have significant involvement in projects from initiation to approval of the final product. All committee meetings are open to the public. See MORPC’s calendar for scheduled meetings.

The 2015 Transportation Public Involvement Plan includes the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA’s) Section 5307 Program of Projects. The Program of Projects is a list of projects proposed by COTA and DATABus for funding from Section 5307 allotment. The Program of Projects must include:

• A description of each project to be funded
• Total project costs
• Local & federal share for each project

Section 5307 Program of Projects can be found in MORPC’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). To view Section 5307 Program of Projects visit www.morpc.org/tip, Table 10. Summary of Projects by Federal Fund Type.