2024-2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan

MORPC is beginning the development process of the 2024-2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan for the Columbus Urbanized Area. The Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) is a long-range planning document that identifies transportation priorities, strategies, and projects over the next two decades. It is updated on a four-year cycle. We coordinate the development of the MTP with communities throughout Central Ohio and with other local, state, and federal agencies. The MTP makes the greater Columbus region eligible to receive a large amount of federal transportation funding to improve, maintain, and operate public transit, highways, bikeways, sidewalks, and related facilities. Transportation projects must be included in the MTP to be eligible to receive federal funding. The 2024-2050 MTP is scheduled to be adopted May 2024.

Candidate Projects Webmap

An interactive map is available to gather public input on project candidates. Use this tool to submit or follow comments on projects under consideration for inclusion in the MTP, and identify locations with safety, congestion, or connectivity issues, and suggest your own ideas and projects by drawing on the map. The interactive webmap will be open for comments and project suggestions through September 8, 2023 at 5:00 PM.

Regional Goals

The MTP is developed based on a set of regional goals. The regional goals guide the development and give direction to investments in the transportation system.

The adopted goals are as follows:

By guiding investment in transportation and mobility infrastructure and services in Central Ohio, the MTP identifies strategies to advance the following six goals:

Objectives and Performance Measures

For each of the adopted goals, the 2024-2050 MTP includes a set of objectives and performance measures. These objectives and performance measures are used to track regional progress toward advancing the MTP goals, and for developing criteria for evaluating strategies and projects to be included in the MTP.

A PDF document that outlines the proposed objectives and performance measures for the 2024-2050 MTP is available here.

Comments on the proposed objectives and performance measures are being accepted through January 23, 2023, by email to mtp@morpc.org or in writing to MORPC, 111 Liberty Street, Suite 100, Columbus, OH, 43215, Attn: MTP. For more information on the MTP, visit www.morpc.org/mtp.

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