Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity refers to the differences that make us unique. Inclusion is the action of engaging and valuing cultural differences. MORPC recognizes, values, embraces, and celebrates diversity by respecting and utilizing all of our differences to enhance our lives and our society.

As the regional council of local governments, MORPC’s work in diversity & inclusion is a core value for the agency and its members.

MORPC focuses on six key areas of diversity: Workforce, Workplace, Service to Diverse Populations, Diversity Spend, Diverse Requirements, and Diverse Communications.

Over the next three decades, the Central Ohio region is expected to experience dramatic changes in demographics and lifestyles that will affect the future success of our communities. The changing demographics and economic prosperity are placing the region in the same league as the nation’s top cultural centers. As evidenced in MORPC’s 2016 insight2050 report, the results demonstrate the importance of a strategic focus on diversity and inclusion:

  • Current projections now reveal that our region will grow to three million people by
  • The number of seniors aged 65 or older is expected to more than double by 2050
  • Racial and ethnic minorities are expected to account for most of our region’s growth by 2050

Increasing evidence suggests that a region’s ability to compete economically will depend more upon its ability to attract and retain young talent. To remain vital, competitive, and relevant in the global marketplace, MORPC must engage, partner, and collaborate with diverse populations. The inclusion of diverse populations (racial/ethnic, age, gender, LGBTQ+) in MORPC’s bodies of work provides a spectrum of thought, voices and perspectives. The intrinsic value of inclusion is to produce better products, plans, and services designed to improve the quality of life for the Central Ohio region.


1 MORPC 1 Voice

The agency’s 1 MORPC 1 Voice speaker series invites community leaders to present on their mission, goals, and initiatives at our monthly Commission meetings. The purpose of the speaker series is to inform community and elected officials about the initiatives and programs in our region that support our growing diverse population.

Commission meetings are open and available to the public.  Please visit our meetings & events page for a full schedule.

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