Central Ohio Rural Planning Organization (CORPO)

We have partnered with seven counties in the nonmetropolitan areas of our region to provide transportation planning products and services in the Central Ohio Rural Planning Organization (CORPO).

CORPO recently completed a regional, long-range transportation plan that reflects the transportation needs of its seven counties. This plan, the 2018-2040 CORPO Transportation Plan (CP) was adopted  in June 2018.

Staffed by MORPC, and guided by both the CORPO committee and county-level subcommittees, we will work toward developing a Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), continue to conduct outreach to local officials, and continue to provide transportation planning support to members.


2018-2040 CORPO Transportation Plan Executive Summary
2018-2040 CORPO Transportation Plan
CORPO Transportation PLan Virtual Open House

Guiding Documents:

Public Involvement Plan
Planning Work Program
Committee Members by County
  • Fairfield Co. – Steve Davis
  • Fairfield Co. – Dave Levacy
  • Fairfield Co. – Ira Weiss
  • Knox Co. – Teresa Bemiller
  • Knox Co. – Cameron Keeton
  • Knox Co. – Brian Ball
  • Marion Co. – Brad Irons
  • Marion Co. – Phil Wright
  • Marion Co. – Scott Schertzer
  • Marion Co. – Jim Bishoff
  • Madison Co. – Bryan Dhume
  • Madison Co. – Mark Forrest
  • Madison Co. – Joe Mossier
  • Morrow Co. – Bart Dennison
  • Morrow Co. – Shane Farnsworth
  • Morrow Co. – Tom Whiston
  • Pickaway Co. – Brian Stewart
  • Pickaway Co. – Jay Wippel
  • Pickaway Co. – Chris Mullins
  • Pickaway Co. – Anthony Neff
  • Union Co. – Steve Stolte
  • Union Co. – Terry Emery
  • Union Co. – Jeff Stauch
  • Union Co. – Bill Narducci


Please note that every county within the CORPO planning area also has its own sub-committee.

For more information, contact Mike Borger at 614.233.4155 or 614.314.4930.

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