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MORPC Launches Local Government Energy Partnership

    February 21, 2019

    The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) has officially kicked off a collaborative program for its members to advance energy-saving opportunities. Called the Local Government Energy Partnership (LGEP), it will help create a more sustainable region through a variety of services.

    The services are intended to:

    • Reduces the costs of government
    • Attract businesses and encourage their growth, and
    • Promote responsible stewardship of our resources

    The first of the programs within the LGEP is the Energy Benchmarking Program. MORPC has partnered with JadeTrack to provide members with an online dashboard to benchmark building performance. This tool allows participants to collect, analyze, and visualize utility data to identify opportunities to save on energy across all publicly owned buildings and fleets. Please contact MORPC to get started in the Energy Benchmarking Program, and more information will be provided about an orientation webinar and next steps.

    MORPC staff members will meet with participants in order to review data, address any questions, and discuss potential opportunities. All participants will have their aggregated information displayed on a regional dashboard available through The regional dashboard will highlight the region’s sustainability efforts in energy consumption, alternative fuels, and renewable energy. The dashboard will also showcase a community every month and offer case studies that highlight energy savings and improvements.

    Additional LGEP offerings include the Technical Support Program, Energy Academy, Energy Consortium, and Recognition Program.

    Connecting participants with the knowledge they need to make their operations as efficient as possible, the partnership’s Technical Support Program is designed to assist partners with their energy planning and analysis needs.

    The Energy Academy will develop local governments into energy champions and experts in energy efficiency, renewable energy, financing, alternative-fuel vehicles, and infrastructure planning ― ready to improve their own operations, as well as assist residents and businesses with participating in energy efficiency programs.

    Building upon the collective success of participating communities, the Energy Consortium will provide an arena for the sharing of best practices and to further initiatives by taking advantage of economies of scale.

    This Recognition Program will reward our partners with the recognition they deserve for their efforts to make our region more sustainable and welcoming.

    MORPC members interested in the Local Government Energy Partnership – and specifically the Energy Benchmarking Program – should contact Jon-Paul d’Aversa at 614.233.4137.

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