Public Works Integrating Committee Seeks Nominations for Franklin County Natural Resources Assistance Council

    November 2, 2020
    Nominations due Nov. 30

    The District 3 Public Works Integrating Committee (PWIC) is seeking nominations to fill two seats on its Natural Resources Assistance Council (NRAC).

    The 11-member NRAC is responsible for developing project-selection guidelines and evaluating and selecting projects to receive funding from the Clean Ohio Conservation Fund. District 3, which comprises Franklin County, receives $3.1 million annually to acquire open space and to protect riparian corridors or watersheds.

    “The members of the Natural Resources Assistance Council fulfill a very important role, and we look forward to welcoming new members to the council.”
    Kyle Wilson, Acting Chair of the District 3 NRAC and Conservation Program Manager at the Franklin County Soil and Water Conservation District

    The NRAC is composed of members from the following categories or organizations, units of government or agencies:

    1. A county, municipal corporation, township, conservancy district, regional or joint district or unit of local government, or regional or joint political subdivision that is located within the geographical jurisdiction of the appointing integrating committee;
    2. A conservation organization, an environmental advocacy organization, and organization with a primary interest in watershed protection and restoration, the department of natural resources, the environmental protection agency, or the United States natural resources conservation service;
    3. A city park system or metropolitan park system or a board of park commissioners from a county that is located within the geographical jurisdiction of the appointing integrating committee, a statewide park and recreation organization, or the United States national park service.
    4. A statewide organization representing agriculture, and organization representing forestry interests, the department of agriculture, or the United States department of agriculture;
    5. An organization representing business, local realtors, or a planning agency, including a Port Authority, located within the geographical jurisdiction of the appointing integrating committee.

    The PWIC has two vacancies to fill. One appointee is to complete one year of a three-year term, and the other is for a full, three-year term.

    The nomination form can be downloaded here. A letter of nomination from a recognized entity in one of the five groups above and a statement of the nominee’s background or qualifications are also required.

    “We’re looking forward to hearing from qualified candidates and are happy to assist anyone in the nomination process.”
    Nathaniel Vogt, MORPC Infrastructure Development Manager.

    Nominees may be considered for either seat (partial-term or full-term). If the nominee prefers one of the seats (partial-term or full-term), please indicate that preference in the nomination letter. The nomination package must be submitted to:

    Nathaniel Vogt
    District 3 Liaison
    Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission
    111 Liberty Street, Suite 100
    Columbus, OH 43215
    T: 614.233.4183

    Email is the preferred method of submitting nominations. For questions, contact Nathaniel Vogt. All nominations are due by 5 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 30, 2020.

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