Energy Planning

From energy conservation to resource development, MORPC’s energy expertise is available to assist the region in their efforts to develop sustainable and resilient energy systems as we prepare for the future.

Our region has a myriad of goals and priorities when it comes to energy. To meet our members where they are, MORPC has developed a roadmap to guide them through our energy planning services.


Energy Data and Analysis Program

Providing the foundation for continuous improvement. The Energy Data and Analysis program calculates energy values to assist with policy decisions.

Every MORPC member receives an annual report of:

  • Current, previous, and future data for energy production, consumption, expenditures, and emissions across all sectors
  • Equity metrics including energy burden ​

Energy Data and Analysis Program Information Sheet

Local Government Energy Partnership

Where energy needs are elevated to action. The Local Government Energy Partnership is a collaborative initiative providing MORPC members with technical support, assistance for policy development, financing opportunities, and implementation.

The partnership is a sponsored program. For sponsorship opportunities, please contact MORPC’s energy planning staff.

For more information, visit the Local Government Energy Partnership.

Clean Energy Acceleration Program

Roadmap to 100% emission-free energy for local government operations. The Clean Energy Acceleration Program is a cost-conscious pathway for local governments to reduce their emissions through energy efficiency, on-site generation, and grid-level renewable energy purchases.

Clean Energy Acceleration Program Information Sheet

Clean Mobility Transition

Preparing our communities for the future of transportation. The Clean Mobility Transition (CMT) assists MORPC members in converting their fleets to clean mobility technologies and developing infrastructure in their communities through a regional approach. The CMT delivers:

  • A baseline of local government fleet and community mobility needs
  • Regional planning tools to make it easier for MORPC members to implement clean mobility options​
  • Coordination with Drive Ohio, Smart Columbus, and Clean Fuels Ohio

Clean Mobility Transition Information Sheet

Working Groups

Expertise is available to members and partner organizations through our working groups and advisory committees, or by having MORPC participate in yours. Contact us to see how we can help.

MORPC’s energy planning staff currently serves on the following committees, advisory teams, and working groups:

  • MORPC’s Energy and Air Quality Working Group and Solar Subcommittee
  • City of Columbus Aggregation Advisory Team
  • Smart Columbus Clean Energy Advisory Team
  • AEP Ohio EE/PDR Collaborative
  • Clean Fuel Ohio EV Stakeholder Committee
  • Decentralized Mobility Ecosystem Advisory Group
  • Rickenbacker Advanced Logistics and Energy Zone Group
Special Projects and Technical Assistance

Dedicated, project-specific expertise. Technical assistance is available to MORPC members and organizations within the 15-county region for energy, resiliency, and climate related projects. Project examples include:

  • Energy planning, modeling, forecasting, and goal setting​ for your community
  • Electric vehicle charging infrastructure planning
  • Consulting focused on internal operations process planning
  • Clean energy resource development

Current and former projects:

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