Programs and Services

Planner Pool Program

The Planner Pool Program aims to provide communities with direct professional assistance to support local planning functions, such as discretionary and ministerial reviews, and miscellaneous short-term projects or research related to land use, development, sustainability, or transportation.

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Planning Work Program (PWP)

The Planning Work Program (PWP) describes the transportation planning, projects and studies we conduct during the state fiscal year running from July 1 through June 30. It is one of three major planning documents mandated by the federal government for metropolitan planning organizations.

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The RAPID 5 project is a collaboration of MORPC, the Urban Land Institute of Columbus, Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks, and many public and private partners throughout Central Ohio.

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Rapid Speed Transportation Initiative (RSTI)

The Rapid-Speed Transportation Initiative builds upon MORPC’s ongoing efforts to develop stronger transportation connections with neighboring regions. This initiative is focused on improving connectivity to Chicago and Pittsburgh through exploration of two transportation technologies, including traditional passenger rail and hyperloop.

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Regional Mobility Plan

MORPC worked with nine Central Ohio counties to develop a transit coordinated plan for the ODOT Human Service Transportation Coordination Region 6 – the Regional Mobility Plan.

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Sustainable2050 is a program that supports our member communities’ sustainability efforts through direct technical assistance, collaboration, and recognition.

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Technical Assistance Program

The Technical Assistance Program (TA Program) provides assistance to eligible MORPC members for community-based planning services that help to advance regional goals and specific strategies identified in the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP).

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