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Lauren Cardoni

2016 Active Transportation Plan

The 2016 Active Transportation Plan was created as part of the 2016-2040 Columbus Area Metropolitan Transportation Plan to help communities identify regionally significant projects that include pedestrian, bicycle, and transit accommodations.
ATP Story Map

Learn about how we created the ATP, ATP corridor and facility types, and explore an interactive map of data relevant to your active transportation planning needs.

2016 ATP Resources

Cost Estimator

We created this tool to help communities estimate the planning-level construction costs of active transportation facilities, such as bicycle lanes, multi-use paths, and sidewalks. These facilities are often constructed within road rights-of-way as part of a larger roadway project to address such concerns as motor vehicle congestion, safety, sub-base deterioration, underground utilities, etc. This tool provides a rough estimate of the additional costs associated with adding facilities for those who walk or ride bicycles or transit.

Download the Cost Estimator Tool to your desktop (it’s an Excel file), and then read the instructions which are provided below.

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