Sustaining Scioto

MORPC, the US Geological Survey (USGS), the City of Columbus, Del-Co Water Company, Brown and Caldwell, and the Ohio Water Development Authority conducted the “Sustaining Scioto” planning study, which was completed in 2015. This is a proactive, science-based study focused on providing strategies to ensure clean and secure water resources for Central Ohio residents and businesses now and into the future.

The study uses USGS watershed modeling to assess the impacts of changing weather patterns and regional development on water resources within the Upper Scioto watershed. These results, along with the guidance of a Stakeholder Advisory Group, were used to develop adaptive strategies to manage water quality and quantity during extreme drought or flood.

“Del-Co Water is interested in this project because planning is critical to any industry and particularly in utilities. Without proper planning we could run out of domestic water, which is a critical health concern for our customers. We are the most important industry in the world, providing safe drinking water.”

Glenn Marzluf, PE General Manager Del-Co Water Company, Inc.

Rising temperatures and higher variability in precipitation increases vulnerabilities to water resources, public health, the economy, and other sectors within the region; all of which were identified and prioritized as part of the study. Adaptive management strategies were developed to prepare the region for predicted changes. The basic approach to adaptive management includes understanding and prioritizing risks, developing strategies to reduce risks, implementing strategies, and reevaluating strategies as more information becomes available.

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