Community-Based Planning Assistance

With a projected population of 3.15 million residents by 2050 and recent large-scale economic development investments, Central Ohio Communities are facing unprecedented growth.  In order to maintain an affordable cost-of-living, efficient transportation systems, and quality municipal, township, and county services, our region’s communities need to be proactive in planning for the future.

To support communities’ efforts to envision and plan for their future, MORPC has developed additional programs – collectively referred to as Community-Based Planning Assistance – will complement the ways that MORPC can assist our member communities. Community-Based Planning Assistance is intended to provide a one-stop shop for MORPC member communities to utilize so that MORPC may be able to more rapidly respond to community needs with a wide-range of assistance programs, and so that – as a region – we can grow better as we grow bigger.

If you’re a member community interested in – or in need of – assistance, fill out the Assistance Request Form and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss your community’s needs, and how MORPC may be able to assist.

As Central Ohio grows, so does the development application activity that is brought before Planning Commissions, Boards of Zoning Appeals, Municipal Councils and Township Trustees. Navigating these applications can be complicated, sometimes overwhelming, and there can be plenty of confusion on what these governmental bodies should – and should not – be considering when hearing these applications.

 To assist, MORPC has developed a mini-workshop for these governmental bodies which contains the following information:

  • Introduction to Planning and Zoning
  • Essential Information for Planning and Zoning Officials
    • Duties and Responsibilities
    • Basic Legal Frameworks and Limitations
  • Communicating with the Public

The mini-workshops are a free service for MORPC members. For more information – or to schedule a mini-workshop for your community – please reach out to


Use the form linked below for your Request for Assistance. Once the form is submitted, we’ll get in touch with you to discuss your community’s needs, and how MORPC may be able to assist.



If you have a question that can’t be located through the document below, please contact Jonathan Miller for assistance.


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Jonathan Miller, MPA, AICP, GISP

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