Clean Ohio Conservation Fund

We administer the application and selection process for the Clean Ohio Conservation Fund in Franklin County through the District 3 Natural Resources Assistance Council (NRAC). This program funds projects that preserve open spaces, sensitive ecological areas, and stream corridors.

The Round 14 schedule has been revised because of delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Click the schedule link below for the revised schedule.

About $3.8 million is available to District 3 for Round 14. Three applicants submitted six new applications and one request for additional funds for a previous grant.

The NRAC will review and score the applications in April and May and is now scheduled to approve applications for funding on May 28. Then we will submit the approved applications to OPWC for funding.

The application materials below are available for reference only, as it may be revised prior to the next round. We will post more information about Round 15 when it becomes available.

Program Policies

Schedule (Revised 5/4/20)

Application Materials (Not for use – to be revised)

Additional Information

District 3 NRAC Roster

Non-Franklin County Program Contacts

For more information, contact Nathaniel Vogt at 614.233.4183.

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