Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC)

The Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC) is a nine-member Council chaired by ODOT Director Jack Marchbanks. The TRAC is tasked with evaluating funding applications that result in ODOT’s largest transportation project investments. Projects reviewed by the TRAC have a total project cost greater than $12 million, add capacity to the transportation system, and support economic development. These projects are eligible to receive funds through the ODOT’s Major New Capacity Program. ODOT transportation professionals have developed a funding application evaluation analysis to assist in the TRAC’s decision making.

ODOT requests input from metropolitan planning organizations like MORPC and rural transportation planning organizations like CORPO as part of the application evaluation process. Each funding cycle, MORPC and CORPO conduct evaluations of the TRAC applications that fall within their respective transportation planning boundaries. For MORPC, this process includes analyzing and prioritizing each application based on the region’s Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) goals and objectives. For CORPO, this process includes analyzing each project with how it aligns with the region’s transportation and development goals as detailed in CORPO’s Transportation Plan (CTP). MORPC and CORPO then provide the region’s TRAC project priorities to ODOT, which are considered during the funding selection process.

2024 TRAC Applications

The 2024 application cycle is open from May 1 to May 31.

Information on new applications and requested public involvement will be posted in June.

Contact Information
Shelby Oldroyd
Associate Planner

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