Executive Summary

The Central Ohio Regional Housing Strategy (RHS) sets forth a bold vision: A future where growth and recovery help realize more equity among Central Ohioans, not less. Housing—where it’s built or maintained, who it’s for, and how it’s priced—can be a platform to achieve this vision.

Metrics Dashboard

The Regional Housing Strategy dashboard tracks Central Ohio’s progress toward four key metrics related to housing supply, affordability, and equity. While there are many potential metrics that could be measured, the four presented here were carefully selected for their ability to relate existing data to the region’s core housing issues and other key questions asked by stakeholders throughout the development of the RHS. If Central Ohio can make progress on these four metrics, we know we are making progress on housing overall. 

Summary of Existing Conditions

The Regional Housing Strategy for Central Ohio is grounded in data and contextualized to the region with insights from stakeholders. This section summarizes the data analyses and key findings underlying the project.

Regional Housing Submarkets Summary

Housing needs and opportunities vary across Central Ohio. An analysis of housing measures resulted in a set of 23 defining characteristics affecting 12 submarkets in different ways in Central Ohio. Learn more about region’s housing submarkets and unique characteristics in this section.

Regional Funding Resources & Investment Allocation Portfolio

This section illustrates how Central Ohio’s current housing investments are allocated, relative to regional housing needs and priorities. It summarizes existing resources, barriers impacting the effectiveness of those resources, and key financing gaps. It concludes with actions that funders in the region can take to support regional housing goals.

(Report coming soon)

The accompanying Investment Allocation Portfolio inventories all known sources of funding for residential development and resident assistance (for renters and homeowners) by geography, financing type, and more.

Implementer's Toolkit

The Regional Housing Strategy Implementer’s Toolkit provides a menu of actions that decision-makers across Central Ohio can take to implement the RHS vision of “a region where housing acts as a platform for equitable growth.” Over a hundred actions can be explored in an interactive Implementer’s Toolkit, targeting the list to a particular community or housing issue. These actions can also be browsed all in one place in the link to the Implementer’s Toolkit document below.

For more features and an optimal experience, access the toolkit on your PC or laptop.

Case Studies

Best practice case studies from around the country were identified to inform the RHS Implementer’s Toolkit. These examples illustrate how housing policy and funding models, plus innovative partnerships, can be turned into scalable strategies to move the market in Central Ohio.

(Coming Soon)

Public Involvement Plan

The RHS was guided and informed by stakeholders with experience addressing housing issues in Central Ohio. Throughout the project, a project team led by the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) conducted stakeholder engagement activities to build an actionable housing strategy that is representative of Central Ohio. This report highlights key findings and themes from feedback gathered through these activities.

(Coming Soon)

Local Housing Action Agendas

Local Housing Action Agendas will translate Central Ohio’s regional housing vision and recommendations from the RHS into meaningful local action on housing issues across a diverse region. A Local Housing Action Agenda articulates how individual jurisdictions in Central Ohio will act on regional and local housing needs. The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission will lead this process in partnership with local jurisdictions.


To find out more about how the Regional Housing Strategy was developed, click here.



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